Oklahoma Manufacturing Alliance

For Admission

Jim Lawson
Starts: 17 September, 2014
Duration : Yearly
Phone : 580-310-2227
Fax: 580-310-2295
Email : jlawson@pontotoctech.edu

The Oklahoma Manufacturing Alliance is a system of Manufacturing Extension Agents (MEAs) to help manufacturing businesses find the resources needed for sustained success.

The Alliance offers excellent networking opportunities and resources to find equipment, training, and technical expertise to grow your manufacturing business into the next century.

The Manufacturing Alliance mission is to provide businesses with:

  • Company-Wide Assessments
  • Technical Assistance
  • Problem-Solving Resources
  • Local Manufacturing Councils
  • Business Growth Services

Maintenance Technician classes focuses on the skills of improvement for the Professional Manufacturing Maintenance Technician. These classes are customized to fit the company needs.

Classes Include:

  • AC/DC Electrical Basics
  • Motor Controls
  • Blueprint Reading
  • Hydraulics
  • Mechanical Systems
  • Lean Manufacturing

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